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Stefan Landgraf

Professional Profile

Stefan combines 20 years of executive experience in organizational leadership, strategic planning, marketing, business development and bottom line responsibilities in American and German companies to improve the bottom line profits of organizations.

He is a creator and implementer of strategic planning initiatives, organizational streamlining, sales management, production management, finance and marketing disciplines.

Focused on financial turnaround, business process improvement, profit maximizing, securing and generating sales growth, Stefan has a proven track record of success.

Stefan began his professional career as an Industrial Manager trainee.

After his education at the Universität Lüneburg (Germany) - with majors in Business Management, Economics, Law and Marketing - Stefan became Senior Vice President of Lüftungstechnik GmbH with P&L responsibility for a 24M DEM enterprise.  To increase profitability he developed and introduced new products to the market.

In 2000, Stefan repositioned in the US and became Sales Executive for an international logistics firm, responsible for generating new accounts in the Greater St. Louis area.

Consulting with an international client base led to his joining Electro Plastics, Inc. as Sales and Operations Manager.  He led a turnaround of this privately held company.  In this role, he restructured the company, positively and dramatically impacting the bottom line.

The next assignment was with Trend Mfg Co. as the General Manager.

Stefan has a BA (educational equivalent) in Industrial Management from BBS II, a Teaching Trainee certificate from the IHK Lüneburg and a MBA (educational equivalent) from the Universität Lüneburg.



Stefan couples strong leadership with a diverse background in a global environment and a result-oriented focus and problem-solving skills to support profitable growth objectives.


  • Leading growth initiatives

  • Developing and executing organizational restructuring plans

  • Efficiency and profitability enhancement

  • Strategic planning and financial analysis

  • Competitive strategy development

  • Developing ethical business management culture

  • Understanding of European business culture and ethics

  • Qualified for US and European employment

  • Multi-language capabilities (English, German, moderate French)


Recent Projects

  • Business development: Designed and implemented sales process and created sales and marketing tools, increasing sales by +45% per year.

  • Leadership - Manufacturing: Established manufacturing process plan to reduce production costs by more than 50% vs. prior year.

  • Business process improvement: Established critical business processes and forms to enhance profitability and increase labor productivity by more than 50%.

  • Leadership: Implemented team management structure to refocus sales and marketing efforts resulting in a 300% sales revenue increase within 3 years.

  • Business planning: Advise on turnaround, repositioning strategies, business plan structuring, and business process improvements.

  • Negotiations: Created and implemented partnering agreements with national and international vendors and business affiliates.

  • Management: Established cash flow measures to ensure business growth.

  • Business tools: Generated and established business forms, processes, training manuals, databases, and websites.


"Nobody knows your business better than you do! This is exactly where we start to help you and use your resources to achieve the best possible outcome."

Stefan Landgraf

Stefan Landgraf

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